The Case & Point is a curated selection of custom type design and lettering created for a specific project or use. Through a combination of short entries, interviews and in-depth features, TC&P provides a platform for type and graphic designers to showcase work that falls outside the sphere of retail type design. This work often goes unnoticed in the abundance of online media which typically focus on ‘new releases’ in the type design market. It aims to highlight projects where the custom nature of the type plays a central role in the tone or function of the project. Although The Case & Point is undoubtedly contemporary in nature it will occasionally focus on custom type and lettering throughout the recent history of graphic design.

Content is gathered by the site’s administrators in addition to submissions from its readers. We do our best to publish submissions we receive that are relevant and fit appropriately within the broader content of the site. Short entries will occur multiple times per week and will be punctuated by weekly in-depth features and interviews.

TC&P is an initiative of Abi Huynh, Grace Partridge and Ross Milne of Working Format. Working Format is a Vancouver-based design studio specializing in graphic design, art direction and type design for print and screen. Working Format collaborates with creative agencies and clients throughout North America and Europe, producing a diverse body of work across cultural and commercial fields.