In early 2010, Karacters Design Group of Vancouver rebranded SportBC, an organisation dedicated to to the promotion and participation of amateur sport in British Columbia. As part of the new identity, Karacters hired us (Working Format) to create an original typeface to be used throughout the identity. The collaboration resulted in the typeface ‘Everyone’ named after the campaign’s central message: ‘Everyone is an athlete’.

The SportBC typeface required an extremely heavy set of letterforms with minimal counter-shapes. The formal characteristics of the letters resulted from a need to typeset short phrases over top of colourful images of people taking part in a variety of recreational sports. A necessary requirement of the font was the ability to partially obscure the athletes in order to suggest the people in the photos could be anyone, perhaps even you and I.

This unique requirement proved hard to satisfy with off-the-shelf typefaces. Existing fonts were either too light to properly obscure the images of the athletes, or lacked the tight letter spacing and small counter-forms desired for the typeface. The typefaces that did exist in the required weight range were consistently too comical in nature, lacking the mature tone necessary for the campaign. In other cases, the increased weight of a letter came at the expense of its legibility. The proper balance of weight, letter-spacing, tone and legibility resulted in the need to create a unique typeface specifically for SportBC.

Since the creation of the font for the launch of the ‘Everyone is an athlete’ campaign, the Everyone typeface has been used in a broad range of environments from print to web. The possibility of using the font on any computer by anyone involved with the SportBC brand ensures that every letter, word or phrase becomes instantly identifiable as SportBC. Every aspect of communication – from printed headlines to email signatures – becomes an opportunity to extend their brand.

Even the SportBC logo – derived from a lighter weight of the Everyone typeface – is an application of this idea. This creates a direct relationship between the SportBC logo and every word or phrase set with the Everyone typeface.

Much of this article was adapted from a post that appeared on Karacters blog.