Designer Dana Tanamachi recently completed a pair of labels for Nagging Doubt wine, based out of Okanagan Falls, British Columbia. While Tanamachi is well-known for her many examples of custom chalk lettering throughout NYC, I couldn’t resist posting this particular project out of local and personal interest. In a couple weeks I will be spending an annual weekend in one of Canada’s wine producing regions, the Okanagan, which happens to be where Nagging Doubt’s grapes are grown and bottled.

Tanamachi was hired by Vancouver studio Brandever to create the labels. Both feature a QR code that take you to a time-lapse video of her creating the chalk lettering which gives interesting insight into her process, including the scale at which she works. If this wine will not be stocked on the shelves of a store near you, links to both videos are below:

the making of ‘Viognier’
the making of ‘The Pull’