In 2009, Jean François Porchez was approached by Reflex Image to create a set of typefaces to relaunch the Conqueror papers collection. The result is a font family with 5 variations (Sans, Didot, Inline, Slab, and Carved) that share the same structure and width, and can easily be used in conjunction with one another. The AW Conqueror family is available as a free download at

Serving as the cornerstone of the family and the jumping off point for the rest of the typefaces, AW Conqueror Sans also features swash capitals, as commonly seen in Renaissance italics.

AW Conqueror Sans with swashes

Drawing inspiration from the ‘tight but not touching’ use of Didots in advertising and publishing the 1960s and 70s, AW Conqueror Didot is an ode to dry-transfer alphabets.

AW Conqueror Didot with swash 'A'

AW Conqueror Inline serves as an homage to Nobel Inline, a font designed in the Netherlands by S.H. de Roos in the 1920s.

AW Conqueror Inline

Drawing inspiration from geometrical slab serifs of the 1930s (the Rockwell era), AW Conqueror Slab is a slab-serif version of AW Conqueror Sans

AW Conqueror Slab

Five layering options (outline, shadow, shaded, solid, and all) can be combined to customize the appearance in this display face.

AW Conqueror Carved in various combinations

Because all the fonts are designed with a consistent width, they can easily be used in conjunction with one another, and swapped in and out.

Slab, Didot, Inline, Sans and Carved

For the Conqueror paper specimen, designer Seb Lester and photographer Thomas Brown were asked to create visuals using the typeface.

Design by Seb Lester

Photography by Thomas Brown

Typofondrie is an independent digital type foundry in France, founded in 2004 by Jean François Porchez.