poster celebrating 10 years of the Rotterdam-based design studio DC Works

Yomar Augusto is a creative force to be reckoned with. As a designer, artist, and educator, custom type is inherent in both his client-based design and self-initiated art projects. It was an interest in calligraphy that lead him to pursue the TypeMedia course in the Netherlands, where the native Brazilian has resided since 2004. Constructing letters by hand remains an important part of his design process, and expressive, energetic letterforms are a hallmark of his work.

calligraphy for Tedx Amsterdam (for Silo Design, the Hague)

YA: All of my type design is based upon my calligraphy and hand sketching. It has been a natural transition between [designing by hand and on-screen], but still, calligraphy is the main source of my inspiration and research.


Euro Best (with James Sadler), 180 Amsterdam

YA: My goal was always [to design] type for logotypes and wordmarks. [By designing type] I am able to extend a logo into a full alphabet to use for design and advertising clients.

Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival. Designed at DC Works

Discover Art exhibition logo and font for the Groningen Design Museum (with Richard Harrington)

Duin. Designed at DC Works

The typeface Augusto has designed with the largest audience is Unity. While working at 180 Amsterdam, the rounded monolinear typeface was designed for Adidas as their official typeface during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Initially intended for the jerseys only, the typeface expanded to become an integral component of a comprehensive campaign and was applied to all Adidas screen, print and film components during the World Cup.

The design of the Jabulani — the 2010 World Cup’s official match ball — was the source of inspiration for the shapes found within the typeface. It was the vision of Adidas to use the rounded triangular form found on the Jabulani as a unifying visual element throughout all applications of their World Cup identity. The task of Augusto was to to build a typographic system around this shape, and thus, Unity was created.

The form at the heart of the typeface is particularly visible within the number 8.

Yomar Augusto has a BA in design from Univercidade in Rio de Janeiro, studied photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and a Masters of type design from KABK in the Hague. Since 2002 he has been facilitating experimental calligraphy workshops in several continents. He currently lives, works and teaches in Rotterdam.