Grids, the official blog of the Society of Publication Designers has an extensive article on the redesign of Bloomberg Businessweek, with thoughtful contributions by Richard Turley, the creative director behind the recent revamp. The display typeface used in the redesign is a custom revival of Neue Haas Grotesk by Christian Schwartz. The primary text typeface used in conjunction with Haas Grotesk is Publico by Commercial Type.

From the SPD article:

Richard Turley: This magazine needed a typeface that carried information really well, as in many ways you could see the whole book as a long information graphic. I could pretend that the decision to use a recut of Helvetica was arrived at through months of research, but the truth is I couldn’t face trawling through 1000 type foundries to uncover some unique and undiscovered treasure. I used an early version of Commercial Type’s Helvetica revival — Haas [Grotesk] — on a book I did a few years ago and dug it up. As an idea, Helvetica was so wrong — as fonts go it’s about as uncool as it gets. Not out of fashion enough to be revived, hugely overused, badly used. But its wrongness was also very appealing, and like it or loathe it, when set properly Helvetica carries information very well. [...]

Note: Working Format has worked with Commercial Type on an ongoing basis.